Learning curve


Szpylbert has now set his sights on being a successful “academician” in his day job at his university. That will inevitably mean producing more high quality research, and that always means learning new stuff. But as Abigail Adams has once warned, learning “is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence”. Sounds depressing already.


What might this be?


Last post of the year. Szpylbert enjoys messing around with his phone and (more or less accidentally) took this photo. But what is it? An eye staring at you? Or perhaps a flying saucer? Have a guess…

A happy and successful New Year to you all!

Clerical error has struck again!

Szpylbert Cartoon about success striking twice

After Ferdinand’s recent success with his promotion to Senior Lab Rat, this time Szpylbert is in luck – winning first prize at a Comic Competition held at his university. The prize is a substantial £5 lunch voucher. Unfortunately, it’s redeemable only on campus – which, due to the quality of the food around here, diminishes its value somewhat. But that’s just your cartoonist being nitpicky… Szpylbert thanks the jury!

The ladies will agree…

Szpylbert cartoon about being stylishYour artist was interested to discover that there’s a surprising degree of controversy about whether it’s okay for a man to tuck undershirts and shirts into his underpants. Some self-proclaimed “style experts” advise against it – even going so far to call it the quintessence of dorkiness. Szpylbert’s position on this couldn’t be clearer: Robert Downey Jr. and John Major can’t be wrong. Tucked-in shirts confidently demonstrate an ability to keep matters under control in today’s world of chaos. What could be more stylish?