Fantastic beast

After the Tolkien-themed Russia post (or maybe the other way around), Szpylbert’s going back to strange creatures from the mind of his very special young artiste collaborator. She changed her name to “Petunia” now. Probably going to change again next month. The drawing shows a “Pikagiraffe” called Peggy. Note the bold purple horns.

Everybody knows you never go full Mordor…

Needed to do a therapeutic, current affairs-based cartoon.

What upsets me most aren’t even the terrible crimes happening or Mordor’s weekly threat of global nuclear obliteration (try explaining that one to your kids!). It’s the utter, utter indefensibility of it all.

Yet – magically – there always seems to be some imbecile close by who has no problem finding excuses and justifications. Also can’t take the whataboutism. In the immortal words of political genius Gavin “Sir” Williamson: go away and shut up!

Serious advice for those who want to save the climate (seriously now!)

Turns out that many people have wildly unrealistic ideas about the effectiveness of their actions to limit carbon emissions. To make a dent in your carbon dioxide emissions do the following: get a new heating system, insulate your home properly, stop eating meat and stop flying if you can avoid it! Did I mention that this is serious?

Data from here.