What might this be?


Last post of the year. Szpylbert enjoys messing around with his phone and (more or less accidentally) took this photo. But what is it? An eye staring at you? Or perhaps a flying saucer? Have a guess…

A happy and successful New Year to you all!


Secretly, you hope you’re not like that


Today, a post on one of the stranger ambitions in the modern world: trying to become a youtube star.  As we all appreciate, the internet is open to everyone, also to those with a thirst for admiration but no discernible talent. Szpylbert is often amazed by how bad some people are at judging the impression they create of themselves on the internet. And there is some deeper meaning to this. All of us sometimes struggle to reconcile how we think we appear to others with how we are really perceived. It’s one of the more harmless parts of the human condition. But wouldn’t social interactions be terribly safe and boring without this? Szpylbert’s wisdom is: if you notice you’re crap at this sort of thing, just don’t try to become a youtube sensation…