Advice for wannabe 3D printers

Szpylbert cartoon about three types of 3d printingSzpylbert has now tasked his most trusted associate with dispensing expert technology advice on 3D Printing, or as the community calls it, Additive Manufacturing. This time, it’s valuable insight into the reality of low cost 3D Printing. For the analyst’s full report, which unfortunately won’t be free of charge, please contact


The ladies will agree…

Szpylbert cartoon about being stylishYour artist was interested to discover that there’s a surprising degree of controversy about whether it’s okay for a man to tuck undershirts and shirts into his underpants. Some self-proclaimed “style experts” advise against it – even going so far to call it the quintessence of dorkiness. Szpylbert’s position on this couldn’t be clearer: Robert Downey Jr. and John Major can’t be wrong. Tucked-in shirts confidently demonstrate an ability to keep matters under control in today’s world of chaos. What could be more stylish?

Burning ambición

Szpylbert cartoon about coffee and ambitionToday with Szpylbert: motivational training. Sometimes, even a small comment can greatly boosts people’s ambitions. Szpylbert suspects that this can be the case especially if they understand their circumstances well. An example: upon reviewing an (admittedly mediocre) paper written by Szpylbert, the reviewer stated that the article was “workmanlike but will not set the world on fire”. Because Szpylbert had a good understanding of what was missing, it was also clear that much more ambitious work could be delivered in the future – world still to be set on fire, though.

Straight outta Compton

szpylbert_dr_dre2Here’s a bizarre story for you: when Szpylbert was spending¬† formative years in 1990s Bavaria (think lederhosen and tractors), gangster rap from Los Angeles was all the rage with the bullies at Szpylbert’s local school. They took the imitation rather seriously, including the slang (imagine the accent!), baggy trousers and, believe it or not, smoking crack cocaine. Needless to say that this was traumatising. Whenever Szpylbert hears rap music he still shudders a little bit.