We Don’t Need No Prog Rock

Szpylbert cartoon about Pink FloydThirty years ago popular culture treated issues which were genuinely interesting and relevant, such as the struggle against authoritarian culture and dark sarcasm in the education system. Yes, that’s from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Today’s hot topics are much less about the fundamental aspects of modern life. Instead, we discuss endlessly if there is too much migration (who gets to decide that, anyway?), islamic terrorism and the morality of benefit claimants. Quite sad if you think about it.


Breaking into the ivory tower

Szpylbert cartoon about trying to get a job as an academicBeing an “academician” doesn’t start when you’ve finished your last university degree. Oh no, sir. To be admitted into the ivory tower with a permanent job you must first prove that you can cut the mustard as a researcher (if you’re not a certified genius). That means: short contracts, long hours, pressure of finding own funding and publishing as much as you can. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?