The philosophy of Bud Spencer

Szpylbert cartoon about water and toilet paperThe great Italian actor, philosopher and competitive swimmer Bud Spencer once said the following: “If I don’t eat properly, I can’t go to the water closet properly. And if I can’t go to the water closet, I’m not a real human being… and then there won’t be any love.”


Scared and green


As a school kid in the late 1980s Szplbert was infused with a sense of impending doom: cars are polluting the atmosphere, forests are dying, marine ecosystems are collapsing and everyone is being killed by radioactivity. Terribly depressing – see, for example, stuff like Gudrun Pausewang’s “The Cloud” and “The Last Children of Schewenborn”, etc. While all of this may or may not be real, Szpylbert thinks it is a terrible thing to let teachers without competence in separating fact from fiction pass on their somewhat smug hopelessness to children.

Nobody home

Szpylbert cartoon about AI scienceSzpylbert is annoyed with an article on artificial intelligence in The Economist (09/05/2015), claiming that there “is no result from decades of neuroscientific research to suggest that the brain is anything other than a machine, made of ordinary atoms, employing ordinary forces, and obeying ordinary laws of nature”. If your cartoonist isn’t entirely wrong, then the article is about the possibility of creating an artificial mind. However, for good reasons, a mind can only be completely unlike a machine (c.f. Thomas Nagel). It should therefore be impossible to create anything like an artificial mind at our current level of thinking...