The Lives of Others

Szpylbert cartoon about Twitter 's spyingAn article in today’s Sunday Times cites comedian Stewart Lee, calling Twitter a “Stasi for the Angry Birds generation”. Of course,¬†this is water on the mills of Szpylbert (who says Teutonic idioms can’t be beautiful?). Szpylbert wonders if many users simply forget that they are feeding private and privatestest information to unseen foreign concerns.


Austinite at heart

Szpylbert postcard about things to complain in Austin

Your artist is a great fan of the City of Austin in Texas. Love at first sight. Other opinions are encouraged though, especially if funny. Have a look at this gem of a rant which inspired your cartoonist to a postcard motif:

“Austin is one of the most disgusting places one could ever live. Downtown smells like a urinal. This city is full of bums. Homeless street bums and young 20 something hipster bums. If you like poor quality Mexican food and lousy washed up musicians hacking out played out cover tunes, this place might be for you. Especially if you have a beard and a Hitler youth haircut. Full of dirty, boring bars with the ugliest women in America. People here also don’t know how to drive. At all. The only plus side to this is that more of them might get into accidents rendering themselves either dead or too crippled to leave their run down ranch homes to clog up the I35.”