The shortest distance…

Szpylbert cartoon about Milton Keynes roads

… between two points is a straight line. This doesn’t seem to apply in the town of Milton Keynes in the UK, however. Here, the town planners have decided to build pointless roundabouts every 200 meters or so. Very difficult in a rental car when balancing a smartphone on knee for navigation.

Oh yes, and while we are at it, Vauxhall, that 1.0l three cylinder you put in your Astra is ludicrous.


Little Britain

Szpylberg cartoon showing a British Bulldog

Today your cartoonist is risking a political post: how exactly is it “plucky” if one of the biggest countries in Europe walks away from its European partners (and friends!), as the Telegraph casually writes? Your cartoonist really, really doesn’t get what some media people in England have against the EU. Is it having the straightness of bananas regulated by a shared institution? Your cartoonist is serious about this. The EU has never been about taking power, it is about sharing power.

Take this, tenants!

Szpylbert cartoon about saniflo maceratorsA “macerator” is a chopper pump that is designed to – well, let’s face it – grind shit and anything else you flush down the toilet so it can be handled by inadequate pipework. To make sure you know exactly what’s going on (and everyone else in the house for that matter) this happens with a spectacular roaring and sploshing noise. Very entertaining at 3.00 a.m. when your housemates are trying to sleep. Any self-respecting landlord will install at least one of these puppies for an authentic low-quality housing experience.