One last thing for 2016…

Tcking boxes with Szpylbert

A number of things have changed for your cartoonist in 2016, including the new job and a new house. One thing that hasn’t changed is his relationship with his wonderful girlfriend. Since Szpylbert thinks it is important to do things properly, he has decided to submit a Marriage Proposal Form to her. Fingers crossed – and a Happy New Year to you all!

Szpylbert cartoon on proposing


Congrats to the new job

Szpylbert cartoon with Ferdinand about the importance of clerical error for success

Great news: Ferdinand has recently been promoted to Senior Lab Rat. He suspects that his application may have accidentally ended up on top of the wrong pile. But he knows that such clerical errors have helped many -ahem- rats build great careers.

Advice for wannabe 3D printers

Szpylbert cartoon about three types of 3d printingSzpylbert has now tasked his most trusted associate with dispensing expert technology advice on 3D Printing, or as the community calls it, Additive Manufacturing. This time, it’s valuable insight into the reality of low cost 3D Printing. For the analyst’s full report, which unfortunately won’t be free of charge, please contact