Trade secrets

Szpylbert_Better_Be_WrongFirst post of the year – your artist was quite busy feeling confused as a recently appointed academic lately. We start the year with a bit of wisdom from Szpylbert’s last summer intern: quizzed why engineering students always wear suits to interviews (and in academia almost no one wears a suit), the intern said: “If you are wrong and wearing a suit then at least you look competent, all engineering students know that”. This had your cartoonist thinking. Perhaps this was also the trade secret of all those bankers and politicians. Time to buy a suit.


The second mouse gets the cheese

Szpylbert cartoon about daring to fail… but not in science. Peter Gabriel once said a wonderful thing: “Creativity comes from the freedom to fail. And the freedom to fail comes from experimentation. And that’s what gives something its individuality.” You go Ferdinand!