Postdoc advice

Redone this one from a number of years ago when Szpylbert was a postdoc himself. Szpylbert was pleased that this cartoon was quite popular and popped up in a number of places. Oh, and to clarify, admission is in fact difficult but not impossible… don’t be deterred if you think academia is for you!

On current plans for decarbonisation

Seems that many people (including science funding bodies) still don’t get that if we want to reach a global warming target of 1.5°C, huge changes are needed right now. According to the UN, global carbon emissions reductions of around 55% are needed until 2030. That’s in nine years!

The not-so-latest in technology

Szpylbert cartoon on 3D Printing

Re-done this old cartoon from 2015. Still hasn’t changed much; still approaching usefulness. Makes Szpylbert think about the 10x rule associated with Intel’s Andy Grove. It that says that for something new to be a big success, it must be ten times better than the existing alternative. Some way to go for 3DP…

For more see this great Harvard Business Review article from 2006.